Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a Week!

Wow. So glad to say that this week is almost done! My oldest son has been SOOOOO sick. It is so hard as a mom to watch him be miserable and not be able to do a thing for him! He has been hit really hard by the flu, and has been in bed since Thursday of last week. He has lost weight, and is so very weak! Doctor prescribed antibiotics yesterday as he has developed a sinus infection. I really hope we are almost done with this - I miss my boy and his sense of humor - the house is so quiet!! And he NEEDS to get back to school.

Anyway...I have been scrapping, but can't share what I have done yet, since it is for the contest at Coordinates Collections. I am just finishing up my work for this round (really tough!) and it is due tomorrow. Voting starts again on Monday, don't forget to check it out! Once voting begins on Monday, you can check the two categories HERE and HERE. Only those that are registered members before voting begins will be able to vote, but you can certainly check out what I am babbling on about even if you are not a member.

I hope to get a chance to do some other projects this weekend, if things settle down around here! have a wonderful weekend, and a restful holiday!
Hugs, KP

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