Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Today was a very very very tired day. Did I mention I am a little tired? Hoping hoping that I am not getting sick - since it seems like everyone I talk to is sick...but I definitely feel ...well, tired. Okay, enough of that. No whining KP!

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival (due any minute now) of my very first kit as design team member for Scrappin' with Grace!! I really hope that it makes it here by tomorrow so that I can spend time on my day off playing! (of course, I have to do my taxes that day, so who knows if I will get time to play...I am hoping I get through it quickly and get a little fun time in! But either way I am super excited for this first assignment! We have a new contest that just started over there -- if you are up for a fun challenge, go check it out HERE.

Voting is underway at Coordinates collections! I am trying hard not to stalk the board to see how it is going -- maybe there is a reason I never entered any contests or challenges in the past - I don't like grey hair much. But I know that I did my best, and I know that there are some WAY WAY talented ladies in this competition.

If you want to see the entries, the links are HERE for the "Mahlin" inspired layouts, and HERE for the Ali Edwards inspired layouts. Good stuff!

I hope to have a few new things to share by the weekend...many projects in the works, not enough hours in the day. I am off now to get some sleep. I am happy to say that I get to go get my hair cut tomorrow -- yippee!! That always makes for SUCH a nice day. Have a great night!

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Nicole said...

i voted yesterday! GL!!!