Monday, February 4, 2008


And if you want to be able to VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE you need to register TODAY!! Yeah, I know, thanks for the notice...but I did not realize that voters had to be members before voting began. SO go register NOW so you can be part of the fun!
You can link HERE at Coordinates Collections, and click on "register" - the rest is easy - and I promise they won't spam you! Once you are registered, you can log in tomorrow until the 8th to VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE! I hope that you well register and at least check it out. There are some really amazing entries - I hope that mine is in the running! You can check out all of the entries HERE - mine is under username kpaisley1.

The goal of this contest was to submit work based on the scrapping style of 2 stars - in this case, Ali Edwards and one of the design team members on the Coordinates Collections board, Mahlin. This was such a challenge, but I had so much fun and really learned a lot.

Thanks for stopping by - now go register :)

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Lesli said...

Good luck in the contest - I hope you do well!