Saturday, February 9, 2008


Oh, I can't tell you how sad I am! My poor Lauren broke her tooth on Thursday!! Of course, she was rough housing with the boys, and they were all being a bit too wild and wound up, and she ended up with this!

I could really just cry!! Of course, it is just a baby tooth, and it is not THAT horrible, but her beautiful smile will never be the same! I took her to the dentist this morning, and they did a little repair. It looks better, but still not great. They are going to recheck it in a couple of weeks to see if the tooth is going to stay healthy, and if it still looks okay, then they will do a little better fix - of course, no one else can even notice it now that they repaired it, but mommy can. Sigh...

On a brighter note - I am scrapping this weekend!! I got my very first kit from Scrappin with Grace to design with. This month we are designing with products from Reminisce. I got a ton of stuff to keep me busy, and will definitely have a few things to share by Monday! (as long as the kids are not killing each other while I try to work!)

Off to get a very tired Lauren to bed and get to work! Hope your weekend is restful and productive!

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