Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh No! It happened...

My family has been sick, one after the other for almost 2 weeks. Through it all, I have fought it off. I pride myself on "never" getting sick (don't have time for it!). But, sadly here I am - you guessed it - SICK! This is my second crud in two months, so I guess that NEVER thing is out the window. Bleh. I woke up at 2am coughing and miserable - sore throat, earache. Waaah. And of course, it is just in time to return to work, after 10 days off. Hopefully I recover more quickly than the rest of my clan, since I don't have any more time off!

I did get a layout done yesterday, so I will share that with you before I crawl back to bed. I got a sewing machine a few weeks ago, and decided to try it out on this page. Funny, I never did learn how to sew. I know many people don't, but since my mom was a professional seamstress, you would think I might have picked it up! But I really have no affinity for it - in fact, I find it really quite challenging! I must not have this gene - like the cooking gene - it must skip a generation! But I tried, and got it done without TOO much swearing. This layout is of my daughter's first day of "big girl" preschool - she went from a 2 day tiny tot program to a full day preschool.

I took pics of the pages individually, since I think they show up better - I am having a hard time getting good pics of layouts - I just don't seem to have enough light! Here is page one...

And page 2...
The patterned paper in this layout is Tinkering Ink and Stampin' Up!; Cardstock is Stampin' Up! and Bazzill; Stamp set and ink is Stampin' Up!; Glitter alphabet stickers - K and Company; Foam alphabet - American Crafts; Ribbon - Stampin' Up!; Other - buttons from my stash.

I am off to take some Nyquil and crawl into bed - I doubt I will feel up to scrapping tonight, but hope to have something to share soon. You know the worst part of getting sick TODAY? It is New year's Eve - and although were were hanging out at home anyway, I bought steak for dinner...mmm steak. I have not had a steak for at least 6 months, and was really looking forward to to Steak, Baked Potato, Ceasar Salad...and my throat hurts and I don't feel like cooking. And our friends invited us to dinner tomorrow and I have to flake... I sure do hop to feel better in the morning!

Happy New Year to all of you - stay healthy, and be safe!!

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