Monday, December 17, 2007

Wow...I passed 6000!

Is that possible? I have had over 6000 visits to my blog since I started in June? Wow. I guess that must mean that people ARE in fact reading and looking - thanks for joining me! Would love to hear your opinions, what you like or don't. What you want to see more of!

This week has been so crazy, I have not had time to share anything...but I am sure you all understand, since you are living in December right along with me! I can't wait for next week - I have 10 days off, just hanging out with the kids, having family time, playing with new toys, hopefully a little scrapping for me!

Yesterday Lauren had her first Hula performance - they did a Holiday Hula, and danced to Christmas music (both traditional and Hawaiian) -- it was a great show, and my little darling is a star! I was so surprised at how well she did, especially since I expected she would refuse to go on stage once we got there, or just stand there in fear (since this is what I would have done lol). She did spend a good deal of time on stage watching the band (lol) but she really did great, I was so very proud! Did not get great photos as the lighting was horrible, but I will try to play with pics to share them soon.

I am off to do a little last minute shopping this morning before work. Hope you all have a great day!

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