Sunday, December 2, 2007

What a Weekend!!

It has been a bit rough, that is for sure. I have so many projects that I am in the middle of, and am feeling somewhat overwhelmed (what else is new!) Unfortunately a rather large wrench was thrown in my plans, and we experienced the loss of my computer yesterday. I had most of my important things backed up, so it is not as great of a tragedy as it could have been, but still - we can't afford to replace it, and I can't possibly live without it. It is a bit of an emotional loss as well, as it is the last thing that my father gave to us before he passed away - we have babied it and tried to keep it alive as long as possible, but it is beyond repair this time. I think the thing that will be hardest to recover the loss of on that computer is my FONTS! I have spent years collecting a huge variety of fonts, and now I have to start over!

I am borrowing my mom's laptop, and it will do the job until we figure out a new plan (thanks mom!) but getting used to different software etc. is a challenge for me!

I have not made much progress on my weekend projects either. We did get the tree decorated this morning - I let the kids do most of it (and tried hard not to re-do it lol) and they had a great time! I had hoped to spend time scrapping and participating in the virtual crop this weekend at Scrappin With Grace but did not get a lot done there either. I finished one layout, which under the circumstances feels like a big accomplishment to me! Here is what I got done:

I also took my daughter to Fairy Tale Town yesterday for a princess birthday party - they dressed up, and they got to visit with SANTA! Here she is:

I also got a chance to play with my camera and my new lens, so I had a lot of fun! I am really trying hard to learn to take better photos! I wish some of the great shots I got were of MY child, but I did manage to get what I think are some great shots - here are two of Lauren's beautiful princess friends:

Well, I guess that is it for today. I have an extra busy week - but hopefully I will be able to check in again soon! I am off to get dinner started so we can get another tree decorated, I can finish up some Christmas cards and hopefully get another layout done before bed! Have a great day!!

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Nicole said...

KP sorry about your computer. I love your LO of Ethan!! Hugs!!