Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some Scrappy news...

So if you have been following my blog, you know that my goal for 2008 is to focus on my personal growth as a scrapper, to challenge myself to create my best work and to stretch myself creatively. I am sure working on it! I have been entering contests, completing challenges, and really spending time trying to learn new things and gain insight and inspiration!

I entered the "Scrappin with the Stars" contest over at Coordinates Collections, and to my shock and delight, I made it through the "Dance Off" and am in the top 20!! I am starting work on round one, and am frankly terrified! There are some truly amazing and very talented scrappers in the competition - I hope I am up to the challenge. But I know that all I can do is my very best, and I am just so delighted to have an opportunity to push myself and try something new! I am not allowed to post the layouts for the contest until it is over, but when I post my creations over there I will share a link so you can check out my work, and the rest of the amazing entries - and of course you can go and vote for your favorites! Round one voting starts Feburary 4th, so I will update things then.

I am also growing VERY excited, as I will officially start my role on the Design Team for ScrappinwithGrace on February 1st. And right off the bat we are having an all day CROP on February 2nd!! I hope that you will join us! I will post the details as it gets closer, but let me just say that there are tons of fun things planned! Challenges, games, prizes - it promises to be tons of fun!

In other news around here - I got to go to the urgent care today with my son Ethan, who has a delightful infection in his thumb - a tiny cut that has grown into a nasty mess!! Hopefully antibiotics will end that challenge quickly - EWWW!
Lauren has let me sleep for 3 days in a row, and I am FINALLY starting to feel human again. I resorted to bribery - lol - I promised her a crab dinner if she did not wake me for a whole week. She REALLY likes crab, so she is working for it!! Hope it is enough to break the cycle of sleepless nights and start getting things back to normal around here!
Christian is ...well he's Christian. We are having a good time with his newfound love for Led Zeppelin. I think it is too funny that his favorite band at 12 was also mine. He is learning to play Stairway to Heaven on the guitar, and lives with an ipod attached to his head.
Larry is back to school --one more semester and we will finally be DONE!!

Well, I think that sums it all up for now -- wish me luck in my new endeavors. I'll be back soon with some new layouts and projects to share!

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