Sunday, August 15, 2010


Since I have not posted since we moved to our new home, I never shared with you my new scrappy space - I thought I would share some photos of my wonderful, fabulous, fantastic room that I really really love! (and hopefully will start using a LOT more!!)

Of course my ONLY requirements in moving to a new home were that I wanted my own craft room - one with a closet and a door. My new room does NOT have a closet, or a door, or even WALLS... but I love it anyway, and you make do with what you have! It is much better that what I had before, and I have been able to take the time to make it exactly the way that I want it. It functions beautifully and I have plenty of storage space! And yes, someday maybe I will move to a space with a door, but this keeps me very happy for now. The home we moved to has a large loft area upstairs that I have claimed as my space - there is only one full wall, and then the rest of the room has half walls above the entryway and stairway, and one wall is all window - it's a nice open and airy space, but designing a room without walls made things interesting - I am used to going "up" for storage ideas etc.

Here is the work area where I scrap/ stamp etc. We used JETMAX cubes from Michaels to create the Desk support, and my husband installed countertop purchased from Home Depot to create the L shaped Desk. As you can see, I put the computer in my scrap space - which means I have to share with the kids! I may decide to rethink that at some point, but for now I enjoy having them share my space with me :)

I have storage on the wall around the window for punches and for primas/ flowers, and on the windowsill for buttons and doodads. I have lots of drawers under the desk for storage as well. It's hard to see in this photo, but I used rain gutter from Lowe's for ribbon storage - I LOVE this better than any ribbon storage I have ever used before!

I had my husband help me to create a standing height work space here - we cut a pair of JETMAX cubes in half to make the space taller, and mounted the countertop above that. I use this space for paper cutting, and using my BIGSHOT for die cutting, which I prefer to do standing up. There is lots of room here for paper storage, and the drawers house my dies, embossing folders, etc.

This is the one full wall in my room - I still need 3 more JETMAX cubes to complete my storage unit - I have all of my goodies in here! And I love that I can label what is in the drawers and everything is out of sight, NO CLUTTER! I recently unmounted all of my stamp sets, and they are in the Univenture binders sitting on top of the shelf unit - I am amazed at how much stuff I fit in such a small space!!

My husband helped me to get creative here too - since the JETMAX cubes are smaller than the width of the countertops, it bothered me that there was empty space between the cube and the wall - he helped me to create a "door" at the spaces where the desks come to an open end to finish it off and close up the space. But since is it a door, I can access the space for storage.

We created this rolling accessory cart to slide into this space and make it perfect useful storage while hiding an ugly clutter mess! This was part of an old broken craft table that was on the way to goodwill - we repurposed it, it fits perfectly to hold my stickers, rub ons, etc.

He also helped me to build this hidey space under my main scrap/ stamp space so that when I am in the middle of working on a project or page, I can set it on the pull out and slide it under the desk to keep my workspace clean without having to really put anything away - I can put quite a bit of stuff on here to keep it out of sight, then pull it right back out when I am ready to get back to work!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my space! I'll be back soon :)

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