Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Sketch, Layout and Card to share

I am ALMOST feeling human again, and the kids are on the mend. I have been trying like crazy to find my mojo... not sure where I left it but if you find it, PLEASE send it home! I think my creativity is just on hold since I have been feeling so lousy, so I hope that as I feel better, my mojo comes back. In the meantime, I am trying to keep scrapping - not always successfully, and very very slowly - I swear it drives me crazy when I work for hours on something and it is still just But that is the way it goes I guess.

At any rate - I do have a couple things to share. I did another sketch this week.

Here is Sketch #4:

I decided to try a 2 page layout this time. Now, I know that not many people do 2 page layouts at this point...that's okay! My intention was to design this so that each individual page could be used on it's own, and yet those that want a 2 page option can use it as such.

Here is the sample I created for this sketch -- more photos of Lauren - yes, I am done scrapping these pics and will be moving on to something else now, I promise...but I still love em!
Sorry these pics are so bad... my day did not go exactly as planned and I lost the good light before I got around to taking pics.

I also finished a Fall card today...

I had SOOOOO many other things on my list today, but I only succeeded in making a mess of my desk...oh well. There's always tomorrow. Pray for my tummy to feel better so that I can get back to being a productive scrapper...oh, and remember - keep your eyes out for my mojo... I miss it!


TxScrapAddict said...

Lovely creations. Feel better soon!

Nicole said...

Your Mojo looks fine to me! Love the tree card. BTW Tag your it. Check out my blog for details!

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Love your sketch and the card is really cute!

pictures2pages said...

Your tree card is absolutely adorable!!! Love your sketch and layout also!

Kimmy P said...

hey KP -- miss seein' ya around! :)

~Karin~ said...

Oh, what a cool fall-card! Love the button-tree :-)

I found your blog through Monamememories!