Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm a-sketchin' part of my responsibilities at I am moderating the "Sketches" forum, and of course that means, I need to share sketches and sketch challenges. I decided that since the whole point of me sharing work on a design team is to challenge myself creatively, that I would try my hand at designing my own sketches.

The concept is not new to me - I just haven't really put the time into putting my ideas into sketch form - when I scrap, I generally envision the completed layout in my head and skip right to the finished product, rather than sketching the idea first. In fact, I nearly failed art class in High School, as I refused to sketch my work first. That was back in my arrogant days and I told the teacher and principal I did not need to sketch or "do it twice", I did it right the first time...ah, those were the days! Smarting off to the nuns, that was good times!

At any rate, I have decided to try sketching, and will be sharing weekly sketches on the site. Now keep in mind, I am a beginner at this... but I will be learning and growing from the experience, which is why I am doing it! I hope that in the process I can inspire someone else! This is my first sketch:

Thankfully I live with a 13 year old computer genius who can help me with the computer part...Thanks Christian!

You can see the sketch challenge as well as the layouts members create with this sketch here. If you decide to create a layout with this sketch, I would love to see your work! Come share it on the site and please leave a comment here with a link to your creation!!

I am off to spend the morning doing some scrappy things today! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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