Monday, May 5, 2008

A Crazy Week, A Crazy Night, and some Crazy Women!

Yep...that's what I have to talk about since my last update. I know, I ALWAYS say life is Crazy...but it is always true! The past week or two have been no exception. I am back to work full time, which is great, but means I have less time than ever, so yeah...CRAZY!! In fact, in the last two weeks I have had my son's birthday, my husband's birthday, my wedding anniversary, my Mother in Law's birthday, a party for a friend's birthday and two of the kids friend's with birthday parties to attend. Yikes!

Can you believe my oldest child has become a teenager! I can't... I am trying to let it sink in. The fact that my house has been TP'ed and I get prank calls from silly children on a regular basis makes it very clear that this is real!! I had the pleasure of having 5 teenage boys to spend the night the weekend before last... THAT was an experience! Aside from losing a night of sleep, I think the part I will carry with me always is the memory of thirteen year old boys (most of which I have known since kindergarten and one of which I gave birth to) telling "That's what she said" jokes till dawn. Painful. I want to laugh, and cry at the same time! Sigh.

I have had a little scrappy time (a very little, but I made it worth it!) and made a gift album for my dear and beautiful friend Nicole, who turned 30 today (well, I guess officially yesterday since it is now after midnight) -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE! Here she is at her cutest!

That is one hot momma!! :)

She was totally surprised - which rocked! I was so glad to have been a part of making her day special.
Here she is with her best friend Stephanie, who throws one fantastic party!! Good Times, I tell ya!
Of course, I loved getting a chance for a night with the girls, and got to spend time with the very lovely Charissa - this girl rocks!

AND I got to see my sweet friend Ali, who better email me so we can see eachother more than once a year!!

Here is a group shot -- Aren't we cute?? And isn't it adorable that we all somehow ended up color coordinated. Yep, we are cool.

One more and my birthday buddy. We made a pact that I am going to wait for her to catch up to me before having any more birthdays of my own. Yes, it is silly that I have friends turning 30... I think it says a lot for my maturity level!! (I also agree that you are as old as you feel - so it works!)

Here is the album I made for her to keep notes and photos to remember her special night. I added some pages for guests to sign, and she can add pics and mementos as well. I used a Maya Road chipboard album, and mostly Pink Paislee products for this book! I had so much fun making this for my friend, and hope she truly enjoys it!!


Sarah said...

You did such an awesome job with that book!! SOOO CUTE!! (plus it was great seeing you friday!!)

Nicole said...

Um I LOVE MY BOOK! How could I not? I am always looking at it! I had the best B-day and I cannot think of any other chicks I would want to spend my bday with!