Saturday, July 7, 2007

Okay, I got tagged...

To be honest, I have not been at this blogging thing long enough to even know what in the world that meant. But I got it figured out! Sunflower Stamper tagged me, so now you have to learn more about me, and I get to tag a few more bloggers! Check out Sunflower's stuff!

Okay, here ya go:
List seven random things about yourself:

1. I used to be a Hula Dancer.
2. I play in the water for a living.
3. I like juice on my cereal
4. I love to read stories with my kids.
5. I love to spend quiet time alone (RARE!)
6. I hate to cook!
7. I have a fear of Jeff Goldblum.

Choose Seven people to Tag: (Note - THIS was hard! So many talented girlies out there!)

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